For the brighter future of the Lesser White-fronted Goose

1_Seppo Ekelund_LWfG - копияThe Lesser White-fronted Goose was crowned bird of the year 2018 in Uzbekistan! The status of this smallest of all geese in Uzbekistan over the past 35 years has changed from an ordinary hunting species to a globally threatened one. The main threat to him is hunting, as the Lesser White-fronted Goose is virtually indistinguishable from the White-fronted Goose, which is an ordinary hunting species. The constantly decreasing numbers of the Lesser White-fronts require immediate conservation actions!5_Tomas Aarvak_LWfG - копияUzbekistan Society for Bird Protection (UzSPB) is proud of the fact that Lesser White-fronted Goose, as one of the rarest bird species in the world is found on the territory of our country! Understanding the big responsibility for the future of this globally threatened species, the UzSPB sets a goal to contribute to its conservation. The Bird of the Year 2018 campaign in Uzbekistan this time is supported by the Lesser White-fronted Goose International Working Group, operating under the Agreement on the Protection of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterfowl (AEWA).IMG_1490 - копияSince the similarity of the Lesser White-fronted Goose to the White-fronted Goose makes this bird particularly vulnerable during the hunting season, the Bird of the Year campaign aims to draw the attention of rangers and hunters to differences between the two species. In order to tell the hunters about the differences between these two species, the UzSPB issued a short field guide and a poster showing the Lesser White-fronted Goose and the White-fronted Goose in flight and on the ground. These materials in Russian and Uzbek are distributed free of charge to hunters and all interested parties. One can get leaflets and posters with distinctive features of two geese at the office of the Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds.Плакат птица года_2018As part of the campaign, the UzSPB also plans to hold meetings with hunters at the KBA ‘Talimarzhan reservoir’ in Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan. In January 2018, UzSPB staff and experts recorded 20 Lesser White-fronts on this territory. There is a high probability that the Lesser White-fronted Goose will stop at Talimarzhan during the autumn migration. In September and October this year, they will need help of UzSPB volunteers and supporters who will explain to hunters how to distinguish a Lesser White-fronted from a White-fronted goose.

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